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Of the last 2.5 million years of human cultural development, 99.99 percent are part of the period we call stone age, since in that time stones are essential for human survival as hunters and gatherers. There are stone tools, flint stones, weapons made from stone. But we also found objects made of stone that had nothing to do with the material basis of man, i.e.little statues or big menhirs. Stones were not only of practical value, but stood and still stand for constancy and can represent the metaphysical world.  Building of houses, at least the more important ones, out of stone was the rule until a hundred years ago. And while adults erected memorial stones children collect stones, since stones are beautiful and interesting. Its fun to carry them around and to play the game "we build a tower or a wall".

The designer Emmanuelle Coutant is now bringing stones, that look like rounded by the sea, into our houses. These stones are firm and soft at the same time, since they are made from felt and spelled husks. They look good and are an extremely practical furniture. Visit Emmanuelle and her stones at kayu-creation.com !

stone age - felt stones by kayu-creation.com

steinzeit - filzsteine von kayu-creation.com

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