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special page sed card






this is my offer:





We talk on your ideas - and on mine! After that you decide on the scope of the shooting: How many different settings shall we use? How many different locations? What's about the styling? What's it going to cost? ( You are supposed to pay € 250,- + x for a basic version!)






We shall make an appointment - which you are commited to keep to!



After th shooting you will receive a CD with thumbs of all photos and a CD/DVD with the chosen ones as printable files.

Now we can finish our cooperation - or we can go on as follows.



I shall design a layout of your sed card that can be used to be printed. This will cost you € 150,-.



Alteratively I can do the whole work for you, including the printing. Depending on the number of copies you shall pay another € 200,- + x.


Now you know how it works and you can do a rough estimate.

All prices without ges. MwSt.


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